This April 2020, I was offered the very exciting opportunity to redevelop entirely the Brand Identity, User Experience and an emergency 4–pager website pairing with an app to respond to the new Covid realities of oneplanet.com. I've illustrated here a series of 3 concepts,
2 logos and different colours palettes, fonts as well as the User Journey and Prototyping. 


oneplanet think the future of humankind on this planet can be a great one – where our economy can work hand-in-hand with the natural processes of the living planet on which we ultimately depend. They are harnessing the power of digital technology to reinvent our relationship with the natural world. Their platform helps cities & local government, communities & real estate, companies & organisations, schools & universities collaborate on plans which are mutually supportive. When we build social and natural capital at the same time as financial capital, we can build true prosperity, wealth and abundance.

In November 2020 I did the same for airlabs.com

Billions of people globally breathe unhealthy urban air which damages their health and reduces life expectancy. We aim to make a real difference by delivering clean air solutions where people need it most. 


Brand identity

Creative Direction