At 5 years old I decided that I would become a Creative, having a real fascination for the Russian posters of the twenties that my parents were collecting, admiring their amazing compositions, colours and typographies. 

I like to intrigue and inspire people, push the boundaries of thinking, stimulate the mind, provoke different thoughts and emotions, make people smile, design with a purpose.


I started my career in Brussels in the nineties, working for 'the best of the best' advertising agency (BBD0) on large campaigns (Smirnoff, Coca-Cola, Mercedes...). I worked in Amsterdam on the design of the most important Dutch Art collection website, alongside Kessels Kramer. I’ve designed for big names in dance, music, design, architecture, contemporary art and had the opportunity to create beautiful print designs (Centre Pompidou, Queen Elizabeth Competition). 

I also worked as a Communications Officer in Tokyo on market research, approach and development for the Belgian Centre of Vocal Art; Developed a portfolio of 30 Belgian artists exporting them to international art fairs and Enhanced the visibility of 'Elles Tournent' Brussels movie festival.

In April 2014, after a few years supporting the European Union designing their campaigns and publications, I moved to London and was headhunted by the Big 4 companies to help leaders in winning big external auditing contracts through the development of innovative ideas. During this period, 
I consulted with EY, PwC and EFC.


In 2017, I established my own company with the idea of pursuing my passions and offering my creative mind to the London urbanism and architectural industries. My aims were to participate to the innovation, regeneration, transformation and dynamics of our city and its sustainability. Even though things don’t always work out according to plan, I gained the opportunity to work with many amazing, award-winning agencies.

Currently, I'm the Head of Design and Creative at the Institute for Global Change​.